New And Approved

Viscando launches new features and looks to the VisualDB web service. We have interviewed customers, listened to requests and suggestions. Based on this, Viscando is releasing a series of new features. In conjunction with this, the Viscando logotype and graphic identity have also been given an update.

“Just because you have the market’s most popular and intuitive user interface, you cannot settle down,” says Johan Engström Seher, product owner of VisualDB web service at Viscando. “In addition to fresher and more modern looks, responsiveness, language settings, and performance have all been improved. We have also added the opportunity to export each graph to Excel, which was important for some customers,” Johan continues. “For other customers, it was more important to have a map function and the option to create a customized monthly report, which we also added. Speed and position can also be visualized under the ‘details’ button.”

Despite all the new features and options, simplicity is still the most important concern. Everyone must be able to share and understand the data. We are now looking forward to receiving feedback and new wishes :-)


Viscando Joins MobilityXlab

Viscando's automatic and AI based solutions provides unique insights about road user behaviour and interactions. A knowledge that is crucial in the development of active safety measures and autonmous driving. Together with Ericsson, Viscando will also explore the possibility to use 5G low latency communication to provide real-time warning for potential traffic conflicts to connected vehicles.

"We are glad to be recognized for our unique technology and the potential to accelerate Swedish innovation within AD/ADAS and Vheicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication. We are looking forward to work closely with researchers and innovators at Ericsson, Veoneer, Zenuity and other partners and startups in MobilityXlab", says Amritpal Singh, Founder and CEO of Viscando. 

"We realize that coming spring could be an extraordinary period for us at MobilityXlab and for future mobility innovation, says Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXlab.

About MobilityXlab
MobilityXlab is a collaboration platform where companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together. We offer an opportunity to accelerate through the possibility to strategic partnership with six global players within mobility and connectivity. We are passionate about transportation and we are sure that we together will bring the future of mobility closer and improving the world of tomorrow.





Viscando Supports Stockholm Urban Development

The City of Stockholm is working in a project called “Levande Stockholm”, with the ambition to make the city more and enjoyable and pedestrian-friendly with a modified design of the traffic environment. This by expanding the space for pedestrians while making the place more pleasant and accessible. A total of 20 places in Stockholm city where temporary re-designed during summer 2018 and one of them is Norrtullsgatan. Although the changes are not permanent, there are planes to do so. But first they asked Viscando to investigate how the new layout worked out in practice.  

Important parts that the road authorities and City of Stockholm would investigate

  • How do pedestrians and cyclists move through the remodeled location?
  • How well does it work with cycle track in the middle of the street?
  • What happens when cyclists reach the intersection between Norrtullsgatan and Surbrunnsgatan?
  • How does the interaction with motor vehicles work in the intersection?

Viscandos analysis

Through Viscando's unique solution, based on 3D and Artificial Intelligence (AI), all motion patterns throughout the area have been mapped. This gives a visual and comprehensive picture of the traffic, movement, flow and speed. The images show parts of the result.

  • The majority of cyclists and pedestrians tend to be on the group-designated surface.
  • The yellow ellipses, however, show a relatively strong tendency for both pedestrians and cyclists to cross the area.
  • Analysis and visualization of cyclists' speed shows that cyclists lower their speed as they approach the intersection with Surbrunnsgatan

Stockholm City Conclusions

The traffic office has recently received the results of Viscando's measurements and analyzes. This gives the city much better opportunity to improve and optimize the design before it is permanent. Conclusions from the Traffic Office and Theodor Bratt are:

  • We have come to the conclusion that the current that crosses the site over is a stronger and clearer current than expected. We knew that many took the street as a road across the surface but it was unexpectedly big and clear. Therefore, we will consider how we best solve the passage in the final design and, above all, how to solve the crossing with the cycle path (if there is now a cycle path)
  • The interaction of cyclists still seems to work relatively well at low speeds
  • We should change the furniture of the site to allow a freer movement pattern. During the period, there have been relatively many furniture, which creates limited areas of movement. It is also clear that the tree's location creates narrow passages for pedestrians along the walkways.

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