3D and AI sensors and data insights for safe and efficient movement of goods and personnel.

Change and improve with confidence

Safe movement of goods and personnel is key to efficient operation of warehouses and factories. With 3D and AI sensors we help you to improve confidently.

Avoid accidents

Besides the personal trauma, accidents are disruptive and costly. We help you to identify the hazardous spots.

Identify bottlenecks

Ill-designed intersections create bottlenecks in production. We provide objective insights into the transport flow.

Before & After

All changes in a production environment cost time and money. We help you to quickly evaluate the effects on mobility and safety.

Understand behaviour and interactions

How people and logistics vehicles move and interact has a serious impact on warehouse/factory efficiency. Viscando’s 3D technology and AI-based solution provides you with quick and objective insights.

Movement patterns · Speed · Accident Risks

Decision-making made easy

With our comprehensive report and visualizations, it becomes easier to identify problems and find appropriate changes to improve safety and flow.

Visualizations of near interactions and conflict situations

A flexible solution

A cost-efficient solution where one unit alone can cover up to 35x50 metres. Larger areas can be seamlessly covered with several cooperating systems.

Every aspect of the traffic in a single measurement which logs all pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles simultaneously.

Viscando captures the exact movements, speed and direction of different road users. Objective data and visualization of road-user behaviour and road safety.

GDPR-compliant real-time measurements and reports give you uniquely detailed data, with accuracy verified in independent real-life tests.