3D and AI-sensing

The natural way to observe the world. We employ the same principles as human vision, combined with Artificial Intelligence.


Intelligent sensor technology - Proven by evolution

Viscando offers a modern and innovative way of tracking, counting and following the flow of traffic. Pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles are detected, measured and followed with one single sensor based on 3D and AI technology: OTUS3D.

To achieve high quality, precision and flexibility, OTUS3D is based on the same principles as human vision: two eyes working together to create a stereoscopic image connecting the world in 3D. Combined with modern methods for AI, we can meet the demands of a complex flow of traffic and people.

Dealing with complexity

While traditional systems have difficulty understanding the complexity of traffic in, say, an inner-city environment, our traffic sensor is built for it. It tracks all road users at the same time, regardless of weather conditions. Many cities and authorities have already benefited from our 3D and AI solutions.

Viscando OTUS3D

With Viscando’s 3D and AI sensor, OTUS3D, a single unit can provide more understanding of the traffic than hundreds of observations and traditional traffic counting. One unit measures all traffic types simultaneously: pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.

Quality and function

To ensure our system is useful and problem free for our customers.

Independent tests

Our system has been thoroughly tested and recognized in independent tests as being of high quality in complex environments.

GDPR compliant

In our system, all data is generated in real-time. Images are not sent or stored but immediately transformed into numbers and graphs – in order to protect privacy, and also to allow quick access to the data without external processes.