What is measured can also be improved! Understand and improve traffic safety with 3D and AI.

Improve your decision-making

Our innovative products based on 3D and AI technology enable more fact-based decisions, to create safer and more efficient environments for all. Many cities and authorities already benefit from our solution.


3D and AI-sensing

Understand the whole traffic flow with our innovative 3D and AI sensor OTUS3D: counting, turning movements, behaviour and traffic safety.

  • High accuracy
  • Flexible and easy to deploy
  • GDPR compliant
How does it work?
OTUS3D on a pole

Data Visualization

Follow trends and understand the traffic with our easy-to-use web service, VisualDB. All traffic data is transmitted in real time from our fully connected sensor OTUS3D, and made available directly on your desktop.

  • Interactive
  • Easy to share
  • User friendly
How does it work?
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