Increase Factory Safety
and Efficiency Through

Our 3D- and AI-powered service is a driver for enhanced safety and productivity, providing real-time data for optimizing factory floor logistics.

Internal Logistics Made Easier

In a factory, lack of overview in movements of material and personnel doesn’t just lead to inefficient operations and staggering costs. Worst case scenario, it could lead to incidents, accidents, injuries and even casualties. Managing safety in factory logistics while also driving factory efficiency hasn’t always been easy, but through digitalization, monitoring and measuring, you will be able to optimize operations and control outcome.

The services SpaceSmart3D and MoveSmart3D provide accurate intel, insights, and forecasts on how to optimally manage storage space and movement of goods, AGVs, and personnel – from cargo delivery port to production line. GDPR-compliant real-time data and reports highlight safety risks, efficiency issues, and violations of item-free areas. Connected with production IT-systems, the services give you the data you need to optimize day-to-day operations while powering confident decision-making for the future.

How it works

Factory Optimization
Towards Industry 4.0

Modeling and simulation are key to creating optimized factory layouts without unexpected problems, but the results are only as good as the input data. With accurate and relevant data, you achieve more reliable results. By creating a digital twin based on actual real-time measured data, you can run test scenarios to learn possible outcomes and side effects. In an industry that allows no room for error, the software ensures that costly changes will give expected results and nothing else.

Smart Solutions Enable Insights and Optimization

Measure: Space usage and workforce movement

Simulate: Gain insights from the digital twin before implementing change

Monitor: Relevant KPI’s to improve operations and detect deviations

Improve: Increase factory safety, efficiency and optimize processes

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