Logiconomi 2022

From traffic safety in Smart Cities to safety and efficiency for industry 4.0

More than 300 persons die and over 470 000 are injured annually in the logistics industry (source: EUROSTAT).  Each accident in itself is a tragedy! It leads to lost productivity and a unhappiness among the co-workers.  Moreover, with more intensive traffic at warehouses, queues and bottlenecks emerge, which increase order execution times and lead to irritation and incidents.

We at Viscando believe that many of these accidents and bottlenecks can be avoided with better design and proactive measures. Using modern 3D&AI technology we provide actionable insight to improve safety and efficiency!

Since 2015, Viscando has been working with Smart Cities to improve traffic safety. Now we bring our technology and expertise to warehouses and factories to improve both safety and efficiency. This is simply: Vision Zero for the logistics industry!

Next week, September 27th to 28th, we are at Logiconomi in Antwerp, an innovation platform by Toyota Material Handling. At the event, our CEO, Amritpal Singh, will show how our 3D&AI technology can help to eliminate accidents and bottlenecks at the workplace. Our aim is: more efficient operations, happy customers and loyal employees. We look forward to meeting  global leaders and experts in Antwerp and Log!Ville!

More info about the event: https://toyota-forklifts.eu/logiconomi/

Fatal and non-fatal accidents in transportation and storage


Workplaces concerning transportation and storage (logistics) are the second to only construction when it comes to accident and death rates (source: EUROSTAT).