Prestigious Road Safety Award in Belgium

Road safety award in Belgium

At the Flemish Road Safety Congress on March 10th, 2020, the province of Antwerp won the Flemish Road Safety Award for its BITS project to improve road safety for cyclists using Viscando OTUS3D.

“Through this technology, a daily average of 24 near-accidents between cyclists was detected. In addition, the analysis shows that the number of near-accidents between cyclists and motorized traffic (daily average of eight) is as high as the number of near-accidents between motorized traffic (daily average of seven). The accuracy of this data helps to guide the development and implementation of effective road safety measures,” explains Luk Lemmens, legal representative for mobility.

Ronald Jorna, BITS project manager from the province of Overijssel, believes that the success of the test sets the bar for our future BITS projects: “The award-winning project with the 3D camera in the province of Antwerp clearly shows that ITS can help improve safety for cyclists. We expect other ITS implementations in BITS projects to show that ITS can also improve speed, comfort and/or the cycling experience. This will make cycling smarter and thus more attractive.”