Digitalizing Warehouse
and Logistics Terminal

Increase efficiency, prevent accidents, and optimize operations. Our 3D- and AI-powered service provides the data, insights, and forecasts you need to grow your business.

Increase Warehouse Optimization
by Managing Space and Movement

In a world of constant movement, logistics are all about keeping up and keeping track. The MoveSmart3D and SpaceSmart3D services allow you to make data-driven decisions by monitoring movement of goods, personnel, and vehicles simultaneously. Measurements are displayed in GDPR-compliant real-time reports and visualizations, optimizing your logistics management, and enhancing the effects of your warehouse management system. For managing space utilization, the service provides real-time, high-resolution space-use detection, giving you insights into your free and occupied spaces, filling levels, and critical level monitoring. Identifying problem areas, suggesting changes, and measuring effects, these easily deployed services power warehouse optimization that grow your business in a safe and smart way.

How it works

Increase the Impact
of Your Warehouse
Management System

Connected to your WMS, data, insights, and predictions from Viscando enhance its capabilities, opening up for better overview and faster decision-making. Real-time data provided to your AGV-control software leads to smarter automation and allows you to get more out of your autonomy investment. Our service becomes an irreplaceable part of your WMS, that simplifies management and optimizes outcome.

Digitalization Driving Smarter Solutions

The service provides real-time data helping you:

Identify safety hazards and mitigate risk

Optimize the use of warehouse space, personnel and machines

Increase efficiency with insights in transport flow

Make data-driven decisions and easily evaluate effects

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