Get ahead of the competition with cost-efficient scenario catalogue and behaviour models based on naturalistic road-user data.

Autonomous driving and ADAS

We provide cost- and time-efficient acquisition of large-scale naturalistic traffic data and real-time collective perception based on 3D and AI.

Develop AD/ADAS with confidence

The complex development of AD/ADAS functionality requires massive amounts of data in complex situations – the possibility to see beyond the line of sight. With 3D and AI sensors we help you design, develop and test quickly and confidently.

  • Scenario data for simulations: We provide unbiased data for scenario catalogues and behaviour models – for highways as well as complex urban traffic.
  • AI intention prediction: Based on large-scale data on behaviour and interactions, we provide models for intention prediction.
  • Beyond line of sight (V2X): With our 3D and AI detections, shared in real time with connected vehicles, you can see beyond the line of sight of the vehicle.

Viscando’s collected data supports every step of autonomous vehicle development

Design the right AV solution for the right operational design domain.

Develop safe and confident AV algorithms that understand, predict and mitigate risky behaviours of surrounding road users in any traffic scenario.

Verify, optimize and validate AV safety and comfort performance by simulation on an exhaustive scenario catalogue with realistic behaviour models for surrounding traffic.

Assess the effect of autonomous vehicles on traffic flow and safety through analysis of traffic movement and conflicts.

Extend the AV’s situational awareness and perception horizon using off-board real-time traffic movement data.

What makes autonomous driving safe and natural?

We believe there are several key factors:

  • Holistic perception of traffic situations, not being limited by line of sight of on-board sensors.
  • Proven safe operation in any traffic situation, including edge cases and anomalies.
  • Ability to understand and predict behaviours and reactions of surrounding road users.
  • Ability to execute the driving in a natural, human-like manner that proactively mitigates risks and minimizes misunderstandings.


Vast amounts of data from real roads are needed to train and test the algorithms. With test vehicles, this is both time consuming and expensive. Viscando offers the ability to actuate the necessary data far more quickly and at a significantly lower cost.