Traffic Management
and Material Handling
on Construction Sites

A scalable and cost-efficient digital solution that monitors movement and presents data in real-time; keeping your construction site efficient and safe for all.

Enhance Construction Site Safety
and Efficiency with Digital Solutions

The space on a construction site is always limited, and can many times be challenging to manage. With personnel and vehicles coexisting in the same area, SpaceSmart3D and MoveSmart3D provide digital solutions that ensure optimal workflow while creating order. Aiding in construction site layout planning, identifying driving patterns to mitigate risks, optimizing internal logistics and presenting real-time data in easy-to-use reports and visualizations, digitalization keeps you one step ahead at all times.

How it works

Traffic Management

Monitor movement of vehicles and personnel to ensure safe and efficient operations


Strengthen, improve and streamline your processes with accurate real-time data

Material Handling

Track and handle the logistics of incoming goods and materials

Get Started With Data and Insights

Easy to use service

Quick to deploy


Adaptable to your site and KPIs

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