Viscando pitch presentation at Drive Sweden SME showcase

3D & AI for safe & efficient mobility; Smart cities enabling autonomous driving

On September 9th, Viscando participated in an SME event organized by Drive Sweden. Thanks for this chance to show our high-tech 3D and AI-based technology.

Driven by our goal of accelerating the transition to safer, more sustainable and equal mobility, we presented our offering to:

– Smart city developers: enabling data-driven improvement of traffic infrastructure and smart traffic control

– Connected and autonomous vehicle developers: helping develop safer and more efficient vehicles with extended situational awareness

Our proven-in-use 3D and AI-based infrastructure sensors, along with the combination of online data processing and unique offline analytics, enable us to present real-life examples, by providing real-time, objective and accurate traffic awareness, insights and models.

We can set up measurements in the location of interest, and collect and analyze traffic data according to customer needs. In addition, we already have thousands of hours of data collected in 200+ commercial customer projects, and more than 80 permanently installed sensors in Sweden and Norway.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.