Viscando finalist of Inission Innovation Award

We are happy and proud that, in a strong competition, have been chosen as finalists of the Inission Innovation Award 2018. We are competing with our innovation Smarter intersection management with 3D and AI.

The winner will be announced at the fair SEE – Scandinavian Electronics Event 2018 on the 25:th April.


About the innovation

Our innovation took its starting point in a simple observation: all too often it happens that you as a car driver find you standing still at a red light, although the rest of the intersection is empty. Why? The reason is often that the traffic sensor is broken or that a pedestrian or bicyclist pressed the button for green but crossed the street when there were no approaching vehicles. The consequences of such deficiencies are waiting times, unnecessary pollution and irritated road users.

For Smart Cities, we have a solution - an intelligent and maintenance free sensor technology, that detects vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Our technology learns the traffic patterns at each intersection and automatically adapts the traffic control accordingly. Smarter intersection managment with 3D and AI" leads to effcient transports and thereby to more sustainable cities.


About Viscando

Viscando develops and markets intelligent sensors for traffic management, visitor counting and transport logistics. Our customer are smart cities, shopping streets and companies, each of them having the aim to understand and optimize the flow of people and vehicles. In Sweden we offer the whole chaing from planning, measurements and detailed analysis. We provide our customers with knowledge for decisions and actions. A growing part of our sales come from export to other European countries, where we work with carefully chosen partner companies.

Our sensors are based on advanced 3D-technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our log experience from military product development. The core technolgy is the same as the human and predator vision system. Evolution itself and independent performance tests of our equipment clearly show that this technology is the right choice for demanding outdoor situations.

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