Viscando wins award for intelligent infrastructure solutions.

“The transport system will undergo major changes in the coming years. Viscando's smart infrastructure solutions, which are based on machine learning and image analysis, make it possible to prevent accident and adapt traffic control”, says the motivation. The award was instituted by the German Entrepreneurs' Association AGS with 34,000 members.

- We see that cities need this kind of smart solutions to meet future needs," says Patrik Hedlund that earlier this year nominated Viscando.

The awards ceremony was held at Technikmuseum in Berlin with about 300 invited guests, journalists and representatives of the German government and the European Parliament.

- We have previously received a lot of attention in Sweden and the Nordic countries, but it feels great that our innovations are noticed also in Germany which is an increasingly important market for us where the price hopefully gains new business contacts, says Amritpal Singh, CEO and one of the founders of Viscando.



Viscando in project to create intelligent intersections.

Viscando is proud to be part of the innovative Smart City project in Stockholm where now tests are initiated to create thinking Intersection.

Intelligent OTUS3D multisensor with 3D & AI can control traffic signals and measure all different types of traffic streams in real time. In the strive towards becoming the world's most intelligent city, the junction Sankt Eriksgatan/Fleminggatan on Kungsholmen is first out to get intelligence tested. Real-time data from traffic is one of the keys for smarter traffic management. It will reduce queues and increase accessibility in Stockholm. 

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Resultat, tack !

Från arbetet med Nollvisionen vet vi att ett strukturerat arbetssätt och kontinuerlig uppföljning har höjt trafiksäkerheten på våra vägar. Tyvärr syns inte samma positiva utveckling när det gäller cyklister och fotgängare i tätortstrafik.
Är du intresserad av trafiksäkerhet i allmänhet och cyklandet i våra städer i synnerhet föreslår vi Tylösandsseminariet för kunskapsinhämtning och inspiration. Kring årets tema ”Resultat, tack!” samlas de som vidareutvecklar och formar svensk trafiksäkerhet 3-4 september. Teknik, beteende och samarbete, hur ska vi nå trafiksäkerhetsmålen? Den som kommer till Tylösand får vara med i den processen. Viscando är där och levererar, just det -resultat! 


Meet Viscando at the Velo-City 2019 international cycling conference in Dublin.

The Velo-City conference is the world’s largest conference in the area of cycling, cycling infrastructure, bicycle innovations, bicycle safety, and the social and cultural changes driven by cycling on a global scale.
Viscando will display our innovative solutions for traffic insights, where we show how to go beyond counting and also understand road user behaviour and risk of conflicts. -Do not forget to ask us about the benefits for cyclists and smart cities using Viscando OTUS3D and our new Collision Avoidance System for increased safety for cyclists in urban cities when we meet in stand K5 at the Velo-City. 


Meet us at the Swedish Cycling Conference, (22 - 23 May)

Talk to us about:

  • How we can help you follow the cycling trends in your city
  • Permanent or temporary counting of traffic, also pedestrians and vehicles
  • Bicycle displays
  • Visualization of movement patterns and road usuage
  • Analysis of road user behavior and interactions

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