We made OTUS3D to simplify your day-to-day work. Whatever the weather, the time of the year, early morning or rush hour, OTUS3D provides you with precise traffic knowledge.

Following is common for all OTUS3D systems

  • Function according to the needs: bicyclists, pedestrians and/or vehicles
  • Non intrusive - mounted beside the road
  • Installation on existing infrastructure: light poles, walls etc.
  • No in-field calibration - Plug'n play
  • Easy to move
  • Accurate during night & day
  • Weather proofed
  • Transfer data as often as you want
  • Access to data via interactive web service
  • Future-proof, upgrade as your needs change
  • OTUS3D in Linköping

    Tell us about your needs, we'll propose a cost efficient solution!

    Many detection zones
    Flexible measurements with OTUS3D FLEX

    Product Comparision

    Egenskap OTUS3D<br>BASIC OTUS 3D<br>FLEX OTUS 3D
    Road users that can be detected Pedestrians, bicyclists Pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles
    Vehicle classification N/A Yes
    Area coverage: Pedestrians and bicyclists 10x10 meters 25x25 meter Customized
    Area coverage: vehicles N/A 35x50 meter Customized
    Number of counting lines 1 Unlimited Unlimited
    Sideway position Option Option
    Moveable Yes Yes Kundanpassat