This is as doing manual observations, but automatic, objective and with more information

Senior engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

The results from Viscando will be used to follow up the planned changes in bicycle facilities at the intersection. It will be exciting to see how the infrastructure changes affect the road user behavior.

Traffic Planner, Gävle, Sweden

A great advantage with OTUS3D from Viscando is that it can be installed without affecting the road. The strategically placed local display reminds the car drivers that bicycle is viable way of going into town.

Traffic Planner, Trollhättan

... 95 % av analyserna som vi tidigare gjorde i Excel får vi nu direkt i Viscando VisualDB!

Trafikplanerare, Eskilstuna

Mätningarna har på ett pedagogiskt sätt åskådliggjort att även enkla och billiga typen av separering kan få ganska god effekt.

Trafikingenjör, Mölndal Stad