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Viscando provides traffic analysis for public road authorities and municipalities, visitor counting for city center developers, real-estate owners and outdoor advertisers as well as measurements and tracking for events and amusement parks and traffic data for the development of autonomous vehicles.

What Customers Say About Viscando

Viscando´s AI provides real-time data, enabling better decision making. Anders Fridehäll, Director Security, Liseberg AB
To easily be able to show the number of visitors and how they move really makes it a lot easier to discuss with the retailers, property owners & the municipality. Anna Andersson, Urban Development Kungälv
This is like manual observation but automatic, objective and with more information. Trond Olsen, Vegvesen Norway
95% of the analytics that we used to do in Excel, we now get directly from Viscando VisualDB! Petter Skarin, Eskilstuna Municipality
The measurements have pedagogically and visually illustrated that even simple and non-costly types of separation can have a good effect. Ulf Bredby, Traffic engineer Mölndal
An advantage with Viscando’s 3D system is that it can be installed with minimal traffic disruption. The strategically placed barometer display is a reminder to passing drivers that many people also cycle in the center. Andreas Emanuelsson, Traffic engineer Trollhättan
The result will be used for reporting / monitoring the urban environment agreement and when the cycle path is built on Nygatan it will be interesting to see what changes there are in the behavior of road users. Marie Grew, Gävle

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