Viscando VisualDB is our web service on which all data is easily available for you and your team. Follow trends and understand your traffic with a user-friendly, interactive interface and graphs. Get an overview or dig deep into data.  Easy to export, share and integrate on your website.



Efficient Visualization Of Traffic Data


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Easy access

All traffic data is sent wirelessly in real-time to Viscando VisualDB, where you and your colleagues can view data anytime, anywhere, and from any type of device.
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Export & Share

Link and share data directly on your own website. Export data to Excel or generate a monthly report with your logo and your own comments to share with colleagues or other stakeholders.
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VisualDB is built to be easy to understand, intuitive and user friendly. Click and drag. Change time interval and category. Search deeper or get an overview.



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Viscando captures the exact movements, velocity, direction and time for each road user, giving you high precision and detailed data.
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Weather data

Walking and cycling is often affected by the weather conditions. With weather data directly in the web service, it becomes easier to compare the effect of your events and changes.
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Correct data

Viscando’s best-in-class data quality has been proven in a multitude of independent tests in varying situations and weather conditions. Reliable data is the basis for good decisions.


VisualDB is built to be easy to use and intuitive. Click and drag. Change time interval and category. Take a deeper look or get a helicopter perspective. Export data to Excel, or save your generated graphs and share with colleagues and other stakeholders.

VisualDB är lättanvänd och intuitiv. Klicka och dra.

Map overview

With our interactive map you get an overview of all your measuring sites. Zoom in to see the trend at each site. Does cycling increase as expected? Do the trends agree with your plans?

Monitor your goals with VisualDB

Monthly report

Our customized monthly report presents your key performance indicators (KPI) on a simple, one page overview. Easy to understand and share. All stakeholders on the same page, simplifying dialogue with everyone contributing to common goals.

Easy to understand, easy to act!

An Easy Solution To A Complex Problem

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