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Viscando offers a modern and innovative way to track all traffic: pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. Independent tests show high accuracy, even in complex city environments with multimodal traffic. To achieve the necessary accuracy and flexibility Viscando OTUS3D is built on the same principles as human and predator vision: two cooperating eyes that understand the world in all three dimensions. Combined with modern AI methods, OTUS3D can handle the complex outdoor environment.

Traditional systems have a hard time handling the complex urban traffic, where pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles are mixed. OTUS3D was made for precisely these situations. It measures all traffic at the same time, even in open spaces with mixed traffic, in all weather conditions.

Measure and improve without limitations!


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Viscando OTUS3D is a unique solution that detects pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles in a single system, simultaneously, even in mixed traffic situations. Unlike other products, OTUS3D was designed to handle the fact that pedestrians and cyclists move in a more unpredictable way than vehicles.

While traditional systems can measure only one line, Viscando OTUS3D can see a whole area where multiple measurement zones can be defined. Select functionality according to your current needs and upgrade or change easily in the future when change becomes necessary. It provides cost-efficiency and better decision-making for planning, prioritizing and monitoring actions in traffic.

Korsning med otus3d
Cost efficient: Wide area coverage, multiple counting lines and easy installation
Plug-n play: Non-intrusive, no calibration, built-in communication
bil och cykel i en konflikt
All traffic: Pedestrians, bicyclists, cars and heavy vehicles
rörelsemönster för hur två personer går längs en väg
Correct data: Verified by independent real-life tests

The Big Picture

For a better future, we need more sustainable and safer transportation. To move in this direction, we firmly believe that it is increasingly important to go beyond merely counting vehicles. If we want to promote cycling and walking, we also need a better understanding of the objective and subjective experiences of cyclists and pedestrians in urban traffic. 

Cyclists and pedestrians move far more unpredictably than vehicles. They take shortcuts, quickly change direction, stop and move where you least expect it. No wonder that it has only been possible to count them manually so far. But how accurate are sporadic manual observations? What do such observations tell us about the safety and mobility of pedestrians and cyclists? What type of road design promotes cycling and walking? How safe is it to cross the street or move through the intersection?

The Smart Way

Wouldn’t it be wiser to measure all traffic simultaneously? Why allocate so many resources solely to vehicles? What is the interaction between road users and infrastructure actually like? How do we measure the impact of campaigns, changes and, ultimately, our spending of shared tax assets?

This type of more detailed question has only been studied using short-term manual observations, or just guessed. Our explicit goal in the development of OTUS3D was to make behavior, interaction and traffic safety objectively measurable. We have shown how this can be done in numerous projects and how the insights gained can be used for efficient planning and learning.

OTUS3D - seeing is believing! Contact us for more info.

Basic And Advanced Flexible
Services For Traffic Insights

Traffic Flow

Otus3D camera placed above road with lots of traffic Even our basic measurements give you more information and knowledge than traditional counting. In addition to counts, detection of speeds and directions, gives you the possibility to understand how road users affect each other’s mobility and safety.

Traffic Insight

Diagram tracking of how road users have moved across Kungsbron in Stockholm With our more advanced measurement, Traffic Insight, not only numbers, directions and speeds is recorded, but also each road user’s exact movement through the area. Viscando’s analysis quantifies both traffic behavior and interactions, providing detailed and accurate data on how changes affect road user behavior and traffic safety.
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"What gets measured, gets managed"

Examples of use

Before and after white lines were drawn on a road and how it improved the way pedestrians and byclists moved How do different types of traffic use the available space? With OTUS3D you can see, e.g. exactly how many cyclists use the sidewalk or road. You can also see if there is a risk that cyclists and pedestrians will get in each other’s way. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.
Lines displaying how a pedestrian and byclist have moved across a road in a zig-zag way It is not uncommon that bicyclists and pedestrians take other routes then intended street layout. Understanding the actual behavior will make it easier to plan effective improvements. Through pre- and post-measurements we can objectively, quantitatively and visually show the effect of changes and any positive / negative side effects.

Statistics From Reality

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