Measure, Understand & Improve

We offer you the time and the means to be precise and creative

We made OTUS3D to simplify your day-to-day work. Whatever the weather, the time of the year, early morning or rush hour, OTUS3D provides you with precise traffic knowledge. It ensures your decisions stand on four strong pillars:

  • Visual – a good visualization is the basis of great insights, and can easily be shared with stake-holders
  • Quantitative – makes it easy to prioritize and follow up
  • Objective – We eliminate the subjective and fragmentary nature of manual observations
  • Repeatable – compare different locations or the same location at different times

What are your needs today:

Traffic Flow
Counting of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles
Traffic Insight
Shows exact road user movements & behavior
Custom Analysis
Tailor made for your needs: Advanced visualizations, detailed behavior analysis and quantiative data for traffic safety
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Heat map showing speed variations for bicyclists in an entire area.

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Measure Traffic Flows and Visualize Your Traffic

Traffic Flow Automatics counting of pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles

Even our basic service give more possibilities and more information than traditional traffic counting

Besides traffic counts, speed and passages per direction, Traffic Flow also shows how the road is used by pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. It gives you clear understanding of flows, mobility and ratio between road user categories.
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Download an example report from Traffic Flow

Traffic Insight Let ral data show what is important to improve

We are proud to be world-leading in providing a service like Traffic Insight.

Traditional traffic measurements simply logs passages over a line, Traffic Insight provides continous registrations of each road user's detailed movement pattern in extended areas.

You get a clear visualization of how all traffic moves through the measurments area. You still want to count traffic? No problem:You don't even to know in advance what sections are important - let the data show where the road users actually are! Choose, add and change you counting lines even afte the measurement is done. It's a bit like magic!
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Download an example report för Traffic Insight

Bicyclista per hour on Kaptensbron, Malmö, Sweden
Now it is easy to understand how the traffic varies over time
Distribution of bicyclists and pedestrians across the bridge, giving important cues about mobility and traffic safety
With Traffic Insight detailed tracks are logged for each road user. Counting lines and zoned (shown in white) can be chosen and changed after the measurements. In this way you can pose new questions and get detailed understanding to already collected data. This is unique for Viscando Traffic Insight!

Understand behavior, interactions and traffic safety

Custom Analysis Understand how everything is connected

We are the first in the world to enable automatic and quantitative ways to study behavior and interactions in traffic! Provides you with answers to your question about your city traffic

  • How effcient is the current road design? ... and get cues to how to improve it!
  • How do road user's interact with each other?
  • Do they affect the mobility and traffic safety for each other?
  • How well does the give-way behavior work in practice?
  • Possibilities are endless - Let us be creative together

Download an example report för Taffic Insight och visualization of traffic

Trajectories for bicyclists and pedestrians
See exactly how each square meter of the area is used by the road users!
See how the speed varies in the area. Identify bottle necks and find better ways to improve your traffic!