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Viscando brings 3D Stereo Vision and Artificial Intelligence to traffic sensing.
Let quantitative and objective data lead your way to greater improvements and happier road users!

All traffic in a sensor
Vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians
Use everywhere
From bicycle lanes, shopping streets to large intersections
Use at open spaces
Seamless coverage of any size of area by collaborating sensors
Counting and beyond
Speed, movement patterns, conflict analysis, ...

VisualDB & Advantages with OTUS3D

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One OTUS3D for every need

OTUS3D Variants

Complete mapping of your intersections

Movement patterns, occupancy, speed variations, interactions, rule obedience, ..., and more, ...
Kungsgatan-Sveavägen, Stockholm

3D Vision and Artificial Intelligenence is the enabling technology

Proven by Evolution

Evolution has shown us that two eyes are better than one. This is also the basis of our innovative and patented technology for precise traffic measurements, combined with modern Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We chose this technology and developed it specifically for demanding outdoor scenarios. It enables us to offer a unique way of registering pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles in a single system – even in multimodal situations. We enable easy and accurate collection of data on traffic behavior, movement patterns, interactions and traffic safety – objective, quantitative and repeatable.

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