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Icon Otus3D camera
A single unit covers up to 35x50 meters. Larger areas can be covered seamlessly by several cooperating systems.
Icon vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian
Multimodal solution. Detection and tracking of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles - even in mixed traffic and open areas.
Icon car and bicycle passing each other
Go beyond just counting - understand road user behavior and risk of conflicts.
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Data in real time and interactive exploration via our web service - simplify your day-to-day tasks.

Improve More With Less

With Viscando OTUS3D,  each single unit gives you more understanding than hundreds of manual observations and traditional traffic counting.


Diagram displaying the different traffic users Viscando Otus3D can track One system tracks all traffic; pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

With Precision

We made OTUS3D to simplify your day-to-day work. Whatever the weather, the time of the year, early morning or rush hour, OTUS3D gives you precise traffic knowledge. It ensures your decisions stand on four strong pillars:

  • Visual – a good visualization is the basis of great insight, and can easily be shared with stakeholders
  • Quantitative – makes it easy to prioritize and follow up
  • Objective – We eliminate the subjective and fragmentary nature of manual observations
  • Repeatable – compare different locations or the same location at different times


Traffic moving across a bridge and tracked by Otus3D in real time

Case Study: Road user behavior in a complex intersection

All movements of road users, where they tend to be and how their velocity varies in different parts of the crossing.


More info

Video and further explanation on experimental road design can be found on Trafikverkets website.

Location And Measurements

During the fall of 2017, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), Trivector and Stockholm City tested an experimental road design. The main objective was to increase the safety and mobility of cyclists. The experiment was performed at the busy and complex intersection between Kungsgatan and Sveavägen in central Stockholm. Viscando provided a detailed and objective study of road user behavior through the experimental setup and  a detailed analysis of red light violations by vehicles and bicyclists.

Road User Behavior

  • Viscando's measurements shows that 27% of the cyclist used the experimental street design for turning left.
  • About 10% of the cyclists are "jaybiking" through the crossing. Often taking "creative" paths by combining the cycle path, pedestrian crossing and the sidewalk.
  • About 3-5% of vehicles run a red light at the crossing.
  • About 20% of cyclists run a red light. With a right turn, the amount increases to 50%.
  • During daytime about 20-30% of pedestrians walk against a red light. At night and in the early morning hours this goes up to 60%.


“Viscando quickly allows rapid evaluation of changes in the traffic environment. Instead of waiting for years to see the effect of a traffic safety improvement project, for example, we can instantly deliver objective information.” says Amritpal Singh, VD at Viscando Traffic Systems AB

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