Circle with questions: How many visits your facility? When is it the most busy during the day? Is the manning optimal? Is it safe to move in the traffic area? Where are the bottle necks created?

Measure and improve!

Important decisions made easy

When and how your plant is used has a great impact on the safety and total business delivery.




Our services offer basic counting and speed info to quantification on behaviour and traffic safety. We deliver a customized report with digtial graphs and Excel-sheets. We provide you with decision making data for:

  • Staff planning
  • Where do bottlenecks appear in the traffic flow?
  • Is it safe to stand near the loading bay?
  • Patterns and trends for visitors to your sites

A flexible solution

Icon Otus3D
Cost efficient solution where one unit alone can cover up to 35x50 meters. Larger areas can be seamlessly covered with several co-operating systems.
Icon with Bicycle, pedestrian and a car
Every aspect of the traffic in a single measurement with logging of all pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles simultaneously.
Icon bicylist and vehicle meeting each other
Viscando captures the different road users’ exact movements, velocity and direction. Objective data and visualization of road user behaviour and road safety.
Icon diagram with multiple columns
GDPR approved real-time measurement and report give you a unique detailed data with accuracy verified in independent real-life test.

Viscando enlightenment

Viscando 3D technology and AI based system lets you understand aspects of your logistics and traffic at your site that simply have not been possible before.  


A single system tracks all kind of road users simultaneously

Welcome to a better industry

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