Viscando Joins MobilityXlab

During the first year of MobilityXlab, 40 emerging companies have been pitching to the six partners: CEVT, Ericsson, Veoneer, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity. After a thorough selection process, Viscando is now pleased to join MobilityXlab.

Viscando's automatic and AI based solutions provides insights and traffic management for the next generation autonomous vehicles and public road authorities in smart cities. "We are happy to be recognized for our unique technology and always interested to take the guesswork out and put the data-driven in, says Amritpal Singh, Founder and CEO of Viscando. Viscando will contribute to the MobilityXlab group with key technology, sharing knowledge and valuable data that contribute to e.g driver support, smart infrastructures, autonomous vehicles and traffic planning.

"We realize that this spring could be an extraordinary period for us at MobilityXlab and for future mobility innovation, says Katarina Brud, Director MobilityXlab.


About MobilityXlab
MobilityXlab is a collaboration platform where companies with pioneering ideas drive innovation together. We offer an opportunity to accelerate through the possibility to strategic partnership with six global players within mobility and connectivity. We are passionate about transportation and we are sure that we together will bring the future of mobility closer and improving the world of tomorrow.


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