The Covid-19 discount effect in traffic volume as well as Viscando price

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We follow the Covid-19 development in general and from a traffic perspective in particular where the situation has also become an involuntary experiment in traffic. Roads that previously were bottlenecks, today are relatively empty. When traffic in the near future normalizes, there is an opportunity to study how traffic in certain places reaches the capacity ceiling. As a part and support of this work, Viscando is currently offering a 15% discount on measuring stations to monitor the development of flows for motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

The graphs above shows one example of the great usuage of continous traffic data. City of Stockholm currently has 14 OTUS3D stations for real-time counting of pedestrians. The city have chosen representative locations to cover various traffic situations to get an overall picture of pedestrian flows. In this case Viscando has chosen to group the counting stations into three groups: central location, suburban areas and working places. The graphs clearly show that the effect of COVID-19 is highly varying, depending on the type of location.

We will be happy to assits you in choosing representative locations for continous couting, to maximize the benefits of the permanent counters as well as your temporary counting projects.

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