Nominated for traffic safety award in Belgium.

Our project together with Province Antwerpen is nominated for traffic safety award in Belgium. Together we investigated the road user behavior and interactions at a problematic intersection, with extra focus on bicyclist safety. 

The Province of Antwerp is a partner in the European project BITS (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) within the European North Sea Regions Program. This project aims to create more green mobility with ITS through the testing of new technologies and the creation of bicycle data.

With Viscando OTUS3D systems at the intersection of the Puursesteenweg with the F18 Sint-Niklaas-Mechelen bicycle higway in Bornem, the province of Antwerp charted the behavior of all road users. In recent years, various bicycle accidents have occurred at this location. The OTUS3D is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and therefore automatically classifies objects into different categories of road users. Not only the number of different categories was detected, but also their detailed movements (trajectories) and their speed. Fully automatic and in compliance with GDPR -No images are stored nor transmitted. An analysis of the driving and desire lines of all road users extracted quantitative information on near-accidents.

The research clearly shows that cyclists and pedestrians not only use the indicated crossings but it is also common to take shortcuts through the middle of the intersection. Cyclists use the one-way cycle paths on the level crossing in both directions and the current road design require the bicyclists to make sharp turns. This explains the presence of an average of 24 near-accidents involving cyclists per day. The analysis also shows that the number of near-accidents between cyclists and motorized traffic (average of 8 per day) is the same as the number of near-accidents between motorized traffic (average of 7 per day).

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