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Viscando contributes to safer traffic and more sustainable, smart cities. We are constantly finding new applications for our solutions and patents in artificial intelligence and pride ourselves on helping customers take out the guesswork and adopt a data-driven approach. With a clear dialogue, being quick and adaptable, and with a passion for what we do, we ensure varied tasks and great opportunities for our own responsibility and hearing for new ideas. When being a part of a Viscando team your hard work really matters!

Open Positions

Traffic is complex! It is the sum of road design, road user behavior and their interactions. Understanding this dynamic is central to making the transport system efficient, safe and sustainable. Data and insights from traffic are also at the very core of Smart Cities and for the development of coming autonomous vehicles.

 In this digital transformation of the transport network, Viscando works closely with both cities and the automotive industry. Our role is to provide key enabling insights from data collected with 3D & AI sensors. Detailed movement data for each and every road user - pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles - is registered and analyzed to understand mobility bottlenecks, traffic safety issues and for assessment of changes in the infrastructure. Viscando's solution is used in increasing number of European countries and has also attracted wider international attention.

Below you can find all open positions at Viscando. 

Don't find anything that suits you? We are constantly looking for fresh graduates and seasoned professionals passionate about traffic safety and safe autonomous driving, proficient in sensor data processing, traffic analysis and AI - and eager to work at a fast-pased, innovative and ambitious start-up company. Interested? Please send a spontaneous application to yury(at) or amrit(at), or contact Yury Tarakanov by phone +46 725 21 12 00.

Diploma projects (Master's thesis) for HT2021 and VT2022

To address the trends of increasing traffic complexity and emergence of automated and autonomous vehicles, and to meet the needs for more detailed and accurate traffic analytics, we are continuously conducting research and development within the company. We are focusing on more accurate and efficient AI algorithms running on edge and cloud, advanced data analytics and safety measures, and data-driven traffic insights for verification and assessment of autonomous driving vehicles. We are searching for ambitious and high performing students with excellent academic records who are interested in a Master Degree project at Viscando within one of these topics. 

If you share our passion for future mobility and traffic safety and are excited about AI, signal processing, simulations and statistical data analysis, then we can offer master project in one of the following directions. 

The master thesis topics for 2022, ranging from AI and DNN algorithms for image processing to modeling of road user behaviors in autonomous driving simulations, will be announced soon. Don't hesitate to contact us already today!

Interested? Please contact Yury Tarakanov at yury(at) or by phone +46 725 21 12 00 for more information.

We accept applications by email. Write to yury(at) and tell about yourself, as well as what topic you would like to do a Master Degree project within, and how it fits your education and interests. Make sure to attach your CV and transcripts too. We interview applicants continuously so apply already today!


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