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Viscando OTUS3D system detects pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to give you information about traffic trends, traffic flow as well as road user behaviour.
The data is automatic, clear and instantly available on your desktop.

With Viscando - you see more!

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Cost Efficient with wide area coverage
Real-time and interactive visualization
All types of traffic; vehicles, bicycles & pedestrians
Movement patterns, interactions and road user behavior

How can Viscando help you?


See all your traffic

Based on our patented innovative and acknowledged technology we detect pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. Either one by one or all simultaneously. Our solution is based on 3D vision and artificial intelligence. The system also captures movement patterns, road user behavior and interactions. Best-in-class accuracy in all conditions and weather.

Save lives and money

Traffic safety is based on how road users interact with each other. Where you previously had to guess, Viscando offers you detailed and objective data on road user behavior and interactions. In cooperation with visionary traffic experts we have developed an analytical engine that gives unique insights on traffic flows, behavior, and traffic safety.

Insights visualized

To understand and agree on current traffic situation is key to improvement and optimization. We put strong emphasis on clear data visualization to help you obtain insight and easily share knowledge with all stakeholders. Viscandos data visualization makes anyone a pro.

Why Viscando?

Better decisions

Important decisions should be based on high quality, verifiable data whithout having to guess. Viscando offers data driven decision making. You can trust Viscando to provide best-in-class, verified data accuracy and clear visualization. Easy to understand, easy to agree on, easy to base decisions on.

Data visualization

A large amount of complex data needs to be visualized and made easy to understand. With Viscando VisualDB you get just that - instantly at your desk. User friendly, clickable graphs and diagrams that are easy to export share or integrate with your website


We have a background in professional cameras and advanced sensor development for the defense industry. Our engineers and experts drives technological innovations and will continue to innovate and improve to keep you at the forefront.

3D + AI

Viscando’s unique, patented and award winning system is based on the same principles as animals and humans - using two cooperating eyes for superior depth and size verification without calibration. The built-in artificial intelligence is trained to recognize and track pedestrians, bicyclists, and different types of motor vehicle. Viscando - proven by evolution.

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Some of our customers

Viscando provides traffic analysis for public road authorities and municipalities, visitor counting for city center developers, real-estate owners as well as measurements and tracking at Event/Amusement Parks and traffic data for the development of autonomous vehicles.

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