Viscando is unique in the world to offer a solution for simultaneous registration of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles in a single system. With our expertise in data analysis and visualizations, we make even the most complex situations in traffic quantifiable and easy to understand: How do roads users affect each others mobility? Does the give-way behavior work well at intersections? Can we measure the real impact of infrastructure changes?

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All traffic at Kungsbron, Stockholm, Sweden

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Viscando ställer ut på Trafikdagarna. Ser fram emot att träffa dig!

Cyklisters Hastigheter

VTI har använt OTUS3D för att kartlägga cyklisters hastighet.

NyTeknik & Affärsvärlden

På kort tid har Viscando fått två starka erkännanden för sin innovationskraft.

Före och efter ombyggnad

Stockholms stads koncept Levande Stockholm syftar till att göra om platser i stadens offentliga rum...

We are humbeled and honoured to to be the winners of the Inission Innovation Award 2018.

We are happy and proud to announce that Viscando is one of the finalists of the Inission Innovation...

Some of our customers

This is as doing manual observations, but automatic, objective and with more information

Trond Olsen

Senior engineer, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

The results from Viscando will be used to follow up the planned changes in bicycle facilities at the intersection. It will be exciting to see how the infrastructure changes affect the road user behavior.

Marie Wallström

Traffic Planner, Gävle, Sweden

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